Xpel Applications


Fast Food and Casual Restaurants

• XpelTM eliminates odors that draw unwelcome attention to drains
• Xpel eliminates ambient odors in rest rooms front-or-back of house areas or in damp storage areas “under” house
• Xpel breaks down fats, oils, grease and syrups that build up in drains (or elsewhere). As a result, Xpel eliminates “snaking,” which can cause clogged lines and back-ups in beverage towers, frappe’ or smoothie stations, or in food prep areas
• Xpel is employee and customer safe
• Xpel is likewise effective in casual or ‘fine dining’ locations where red wine may draw unwelcome visitors
• Xpel has been tested and proven more effective without foaming or “bomb” applications, and does not require PPT
• Xpel has been tested and proven successful in both older and newer stores for QSR’s with drain issues, Xpel requires less labor at a lower cost-per-ounce than most competitive drain remediation products



• Xpel has been tested in multiple supermarkets locations and has been proven to eliminate odors associated with dumpsters, trash and refuse collection areas
• Xpel has proven effective with drain issues in excess of 50+ drains throughout the raw food storage and prep areas
• Xpel helps reduce drain issues with odors and other unwelcome side-effects and contributes to the customer and employee perceptions of cleaner, healthier stores


Home Use

• Xpel treats drain issues in kitchen sinks, garbage disposals and utility room tubs, and can reduce unwelcome side-effects associated with food build-up in drains and pipes
• Xpel is safe for septic tanks and helps breaks down solids and reduces odors
• Xpel breaks down soap scums and contributes to better-running bathroom and washroom drains
• Xpel is eco-friendly for the home and totally safe
• Xpel is extremely effective for eliminating (not just masking) other common household odors arising from athletic equipment, pets, smoke, shoes, etc.

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University Food Courts

• Xpel has recently been tested and proven effective in treating drain issues in one of America’s most prestigious university food courts
• This was observed over a six to eight week test with measurable results
• Xpel required less labor
• Xpel was lower in cost-per-ounce vs. the previous product


Pest Control Companies

• Xpel has been used effectively to combat drain issues by notable Pest Control companies and PC Franchise Groups, either alone, or in combination with their regular customer treatments
• Xpel is effective without foaming, and could save time and labor
• Xpel is lower in cost-per-ounce than other comparable commercial or industrial-grade drain products
• Xpel can help Pest Control companies improve the effectiveness of their current programs with a better ROI


School Cafeteria

• Xpel eliminates odors and breaks down biofilm, and is an effective treatment for drain issues in school cafeterias and other institutional food service programs
• Xpel also is useful in dumpster and waste collection areas
• Xpel Home Use and Fast Food usage benefits apply
• Xpel contributes to a more wholesome dining environment



• Xpel will soon be involved in a six to eight week test in a major hospital environment
• Xpel’s anti-odor and anti-biofilm attributes apply to all Hospital drains with current or seasonal issues. We plan to put Xpel to the test against common disease causing bacteria and viruses to hopefully prove its effectiveness



• Xpel has been used effectively to treat interior cabin and lavatory issues by one of the nations’s largest Business Jet companies for over a year.
• Xpel Original Eco-Spray makes use of BOV ( bag-over-valve ) technology for consistent and economical application, even when held upside-down, with no wasteful or environmentally-damaging propellant
• Xpel works quickly to reduce jet downtime, and makes life easier for busy pilots and crew


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