Xpel Attributes


Here's What Xpel Does!

• XpelTM eliminates noxious and objectionable odors
• Xpel provides effective drain remediation, keeping drains free of food matter buildup ( snaking )
• Xpel eliminates food sources and biofilm from drains and piping that attract unwelcome visitors
• Xpel is non-toxic and non-corrosive
• Xpel provides low cost, positive results and is effective over a broad range of pH and temperatures
• Xpel is safer to use than harsh chemicals, no PPT required
• Xpel is scent and dye free
• Xpel is safe for use in sewer and septic systems
• Xpel is employee, customer, child and pet safe
• Xpel is environmentally friendly
• Xpel application: all drains ONCE each week

– Drains can be used immediately after treatment
– Treatment rate is a controlled 4 oz. per drain
– Tilt n pour makes life easy, reduces labor
– Coats drain walls, prevents build-up