Got Questions?

What are drain issues?

Food processing, food preparation and food waste removal operations all experience various issues that result from food residue and other organic material washed down drains.


Incomplete removal of this “biofilm” can not only clog drains, it can produce noxious odors or create a breeding ground for disease and other unwholesome problems.


Fast Food restaurants, indeed, all restaurants are subject to these issues by preparation, cooking or clean-up.


Supermarkets, Food Courts and school and hospital facilities experience similar issues, either directly from organic waste residue, or from dish/mop water containing food particles or grease washing into floor drains.

What can Xpel do to remediate drain issues?

XpelTM Original treats these issues by eliminating odor and breaking down biofilm. Many problems simply fly away once drains are treated regularly with effective, economical Xpel.


Xpel is non-toxic, non-corrosive, totally safe, and is a USDA Certified BioBased product.

What is Bacillus subtilis?

Bacillus subtilis is a ubiquitous bacterium commonly found in soil and in decomposing plant residue.


The bacterium is quick to multiply and produces an endospore that is extremely resilient in many environments.


Bacillus subtilis is one of the bacterial champions in secreted enzyme production, thus enabling it to degrade a variety of natural substrates and contribute to nutrient cycling.


Xpel Original harnesses, improves and delivers the power of these active, hungry organisms to eliminate odor and break down fats, oils, grease, syrups, sugars, scum, and many other organic by-products, naturally.

Is Bacillus subtilis safe?

Bacillus subtilis is considered a benign organism, as it does not possess traits that cause disease.


It is not considered toxic to humans, animals or plants.


In over one hundred years of use, there has been no evidence of significant health or safety issues to humans or animals.


Xpel Original is a proprietary, highly effective blend of B. subtilis,energized water and other beneficial ingredients.

Is Xpel good for the environment?

Xpel Original is environmentally friendly, safer to use than harsh chemicals, and is scent and dye free.


Xpel recently received USDA approval as a Certified BioBased Product.


Xpel Original Spray uses advanced BOV ( bag-over-valve ) technology that does not require atmosphere-damaging propellant.

Why the name "Pelican Solutions?"

After an oil tanker collided with a fuel barge on the Mississippi River near New Orleans in July 2008, a salesperson decided to help with the cleanup effort and tested the eco-friendly product he was in town to sell on an oil-encrusted brown pelican. Such bird cleanings typically required a dozen washings with mild detergent, but after one spray of this salesman’s product, the oil slid off the pelican and it flew away to safety in less than 30 minutes. Researchers remembered the story of this New Orleans miracle, and after further refinement of this water-based, non-toxic, environmentally benign product, named their company Pelican Solutions.