Treatment Protocol

64 oz Tilt & Pour - Drain Treatment Protocol


• Identify all drains, traps and potential areas where sugars, grease, oils, etc. gather and accumulate causing odors.
• Clean and clear drains/traps of all debris and physical buildup.

Warning: Xpel is made up of living organisms. Using bleaches, ammonia and/or other disinfectants can inhibit its ability to work effectively. Soaps or mild detergents are Xpel-friendly.

Initial Treatment
Pour 4 oz. of XpelTM Original into each drain/trap every other day for the first week (days 1, 3, 5 & 7).

Regular Treatment Schedule
Pour 4 oz. of Xpel Original into each drain/trap weekly. For maximum effectiveness, Xpel Original drain treatment should be implemented as part of your year-round weekly sanitation program. This will help keep drains/traps free of food matter buildup and odors.

Easy as: 1. Tilt 2. Measure 3. Pour

64 oz Tilt & Pour - Floor Treatment Protocol


Initial Treatment
Pour 8 oz. of Xpel Original for every 1 gallon of water into mop bucket. Wet mop all floors where grease, food debris, sugar/syrup, and organic buildup occurs. Repeat daily for the first week of treatment or until initial buildup is clear.

Regular Treatment Schedule
After initial buildup is clear, use Xpel solution (8 oz. Xpel for every 1 gallon of water) while mopping once per week. Use regular detergent-water mix for mopping on the other days.*

*It is important to wet-mop regularly in-between Xpel treatments as the introduction of water to the treated floor will stimulate the bacillus subtillus in Xpel. This will promote a cleaner surface.

12 oz Eco-Spray - General Treatment Protocol


The Xpel Original 12 oz. Eco-Spray Can was designed for general spot treatment of any surface or area. This non-aerosol can was designed to give the best spray application without sacrificing product or adding harmful propellants. That means that it is 12 ounces of 100% Xpel Original. The can is powered by air and is totally safe for use anywhere. You can even spray it upside-down for all of those hard to reach areas.